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GYFL Week 7




Gators 8 Mavs 0


The Gators came out strong on offense behind strong blocking by Drew Lane, Adorian Campbell, and Dan McGuire, pushing the ball down field for an opening drive score. Maximus Gabelli had a key catch to set up a short third down conversion and Guy Germaine found pay dirt shortly after. Matt Colella and Harrison Castelli continued to move the ball well thanks to great front line blocking by Chris Phillips and Skylar Stephens. Defensively Maxwell Colella stopped the inside running game from his linebacker spot. Jack Carroll, Travis Wilson, Guy Germaine, Gabelli and Matt Colella contained a very potent Mavericks running attack on the outside. Ben Mazzullo, Justin Carroll and McGuire made  significant defensive contributions as well.  The defensive highlight of the game was a safety in the fourth quarter to close out the scoring for the game.




Raiders 12 Bulldogs 6


The Raider defense started off strong forcing the Bulldogs to a quick three and out, led by Andrew Pavlou who slipped quickly between Bulldog linemen, while Jordon Brotherton, Joell Molina and William Acevedo broke through their offensive wall. Big defensive stops came all four quarters with sacks by Pavlou and Jaden Scott.  The BANC offense, lead by Tripp Beasley, went to work quickly scoring on their first drive with fast nimble runs by Matthew Siriano and powerful QB keepers by Beasley. Beasley also had a stellar day defensively rocking the bulldog’s running backs up and down the field. The BANC touchdown runs were made possible by exceptional blocking by Brayden Senft, Aidan Robison and Jojo Sarno.  LJ Bylow had great day scoring BANC’s second touchdown, while having another fantastic day tackling along with his partners in defense Jack Bylow, Sebastian and Steven Numme.


Playing against a tough Raider team,  the Bulldogs offense moved the ball well behind the blocking of Peter Vomvolakis, Josh Jacob, Will Kruper and Andrew Teddle.  The powerful blocking allowed Max Loffredo’s hard running to bring the Bulldogs within striking distance of defeating the Raiders. Zac Sardone, Max Marek and Matthew Ward also made strong runs.  The Bulldogs defense strengthened behind the excellent play of MJ D’angelo, Koki Fulikawa and Mikey Minyo, to keep the bulldogs in the game.


Generals 19 Crushers 13


The Generals were led by a very strong defensive effort put together by defensive linemen Matthew Huang and Matty Goldman.  Outside linebackers Hugh Portny and Elle Price also contributed strong resistance to the Crushers ground attack, while Brennan Cunnion contributed an interception to seal the win.  On offense, the Generals benefitted from a consistent running attack led by Owen Lavin, Brennan Cunnion, Liam Kennon, Jack Jedlicka and Will Fels.  Scores on the day were recorded by Charlie Tortorella, Fred Wnek and Brennan Cunnion.


The Crusher defense had a standout day led by Michael Breheney who had 5 tackles including one that stopped the Generals on fourth down and then later stripping the ball from a Greenwich back and running it all the way in for a 35-yard touchdown. Nolan Cracraft ran in the extra point.  Sam Barsanti also had a big day with 10 tackles, Kyle Bassalik had 8 and Nicholas Nostro got 6. Also on defense, Nick D’Andrea had a touchdown saving solo tackle, Gabe Dunleavy helped stop a General’s extra point, while Vincent Smario and Brad Wallace each recorded a sack. On offense, Breheney led the Crushers on a 50-yard scoring drive with a 13-yard run, followed by a gritty 11-yard blast by D’Andrea into the end zone. Blocking by Shane O’Connor, Aidan Brehm, Richie McMurray and Andrew Ohls opened the holes. James Mora also had a great day on the offensive line for the Crushers.




Gators 19 Mavs 0


The Gators led off with a 16-play scoring drive that ended with Miles Trager running up the middle behind strong blocking provided by Owen Hoffman, Ryan Beiley and Chase Smith.  Tyler Cusimano converted the extra point with a nice run to the outside behind Peter Lane and Carter Paulson.  On the second series, the Gators had another long drive highlighted by a big pass from Cusimano to Miles Moore and capped off by a 25-yard scoring run by Dillon Stephens.   In the second half, Moore and Hudson Hausmann carried the load with several long runs.  Moore put the Gators up for good when he ran behind Liam Brown and James Ritchie for the score. On defense, Beiley had 3 sacks on the day and both he and Paulson, along with Reed Eddy, were constantly in the backfield.  Robbie Perlman, Austin Rinello and Dylan Germain kept the Mavericks from running outside with multiple tackles.  Tyler Cusimano had an interception towards the end of the first half.

The Maverick defense battled hard all game and were lead by Jack Konigsberg, James Wailgum, Henry Goldberg, Cooper Edwards, Ryan Hammoud, AJ Pisacano, Antonio Ortiz and Timmy Powers. Also providing tackles were Carl Griffasi, Leart Deduschi, JB Meier, Antonio Ciccarelli, Gavyn Generalli, Anthony Pedicano and Wyatt Stratton. John Gatherer contributed a nifty deflection to stop a passing play. On offense, Edwards caught two passes from Wailgum for nice gains. The rushing attack was lead by Wailgum, Hammoud, Pedicano, Pisacano and Jip Clarke. Key blocks were made by EJ Perez, Michael Truini, Anthony Lima, Riley Redahan, Robert Burton, JP D’Inverno, Christopher Munoz and Rocco Grillo.



Bulldogs 21 Raiders 18


Aidan Karson’s 175+ yards rushing and 3 touchdowns spurred the Bulldogs to defeat the Raiders . Danny Fox and Charlie Kosinski were responsible for the extra points. The offensive line, comprised of Kyle Allen, Eli Weiss, Owen Lanzarone and Danny Vartuli opened up running lanes for Karson and Charlie Kosinski, who also put up several yards on the day. George Vomvolakis was a turnover machine, recovering a fumble in the red zone and making a game-changing interception late in the fourth quarter. TJ Legio prevented the Raiders from moving the ball down the field after the Bulldogs scored their final touchdown with a quarterback sack for a 4-yard loss. The defense, led by Iggy Pietryka and Cole Studwell, prevented the Raiders from scoring any extra points.


The first drive from the Raiders led to a Ryan Perez touchdown behind blocks from Andres Castellanos, Nick Granitto, and Tyler Senft.  In another solid drive, set up by a fantastic catch from Connor Jones, Perez was again able to get into the end zone behind blocks from Logan Lozwiak and Shakye Cooper. The defense was in a stingy battle with tackles by Joseph Delaurentis, James Roina, Owen Morrissey, and Holden Brown.  A strong run by Donte Adams led to Jack Wilson being able to go in on a QB sneak.


Generals 13 Crushers 7


The Generals juniors won a slugfest with the Crushers behind a fourth quarter score by Tomas Delgado thanks to great blocks from Jake Pobjoy, Peyton Aslansan,

Jackson Fels and Benji Telzer.  Wyatt Gibson broke open the scoring with a 85-yard score for the Generals.  Defensively the Generals were lead by Jackson Price, Zachary Carifa, Jake Carifa and Reed Williams.  


Jake Prieto had a big game on offense with 48 bruising yards rushing and a 24-yard TD pass to John Scarlata to put the Crushers up late in the first half.  The Crusher line, led by Jake Kiernan, Drew Falla and Wyatt Recchia opened rushing lanes and protected QB Ryan McBreairty, who completed three passes for 33-yards and ran for 19.  Fullback Dominic DeLuca led the Crushers with 50 yards rushing.  Jimmy Flinn contributed 31 yards.  Christopher Nostro, Alexander Ohls, David Chidu, Bruce Lunder and Kaine Rama made blocks to open up holes for Crusher backs. Crusher defenders Chris Takita, Tucker Williams and DeLuca had 4 tackles a piece, including several in the Generals backfield.  Kiernan and Jake Romanello made critical stops, as well.




Mavericks 19 Gators 8


    On the first play of the game, Kobe Comizio sprinted for a 60-yard run. On the next play, Cage Lasley ran it in for a 10-yard touchdown. On the next possession, Hugo Mark ran for a 20-yard touchdown. The Mavericks made it 19 – 0 going into the half when Comizio intercepted a Gator pass and returned it 40 yards for a touchdown. Jack Cook added the point after. The Mavericks defense penetrated into the Gators backfield frequently. Leading the defense charge was George Hill, Nolan Morris, John Gimbel, Jeffrey Matthews and Aidan Redahan.


The Gators running game got rolling in the second half behind strong blocking from Connor Smith, Thomas O'Connor, Tyler Wilson and Josh Grijalba, allowing back Jack Zola to make big gains. The passing game produced the only touchdown for the Gators as Zola hooked up with AJ Barber on a 50-yard completion. The Gator defense had strong performances from Matt Thomas, Sean Duffy, Matt Sisca, and Thomas Bausman who all made great tackles during the game.


Bulldogs 25 Raiders 15


The Bulldogs scored first behind well set blocks by linemen Michael Sinisi, Adam Bartholomew and Sam Chard who opened a hole and Auggie Bancroft sprinted for 60-yards and the score on the next play. Next, Bulldog backs Tommy Nail and Pierson DelCristo pushed for short yardage before Bancroft connected with Logan Galletta for an 18-yard touchdown.  Facing a fourth and goal from the 11, Bancroft looked like he would be denied until linemen Sinisi, TJ Abbazia, Chard and Bartholomew pushed the him over the line.  Will Montesi pounded in the conversion. Bancroft got another touchdown on the ground to end the Dawgs scoring.  On defense, Logan Galletta made  a spectacular interception, Liam Kirkpatrick and Thomas Foster made some big, hard hits. Sure tackling by TJ Abbazia and Connor Sobieri stopped a Raiders drive. Liam Kirkpatrick forced and pounced on a Raiders fumble early in the second half.

    Mason Muir led the Raiders offensive effort running the option for big gains assisted by RB Justin Mejia. Dylan Maloney had another great day on offense with Sena Honzawa. The Raider offensive line had a good day anchored by Sander Coscia, Cole, Gray Laczkowski, David Mariscal and Luke Vivier. Michael McGhee had a solid day at FB as well. The Raider defense saw good action by Chris Walko at OLB along with Tyler Bacco and Ethan Beal backing up the MLB positions. Joe Mecca filled in at safety supporting corner’s Sebastian Bodian and Zach Mantione.

Generals 7 Crushers 6


Defense was the theme of the day as the Generals kept the Crushers from scoring, pushing the game into overtime. While Cos Cob drew first blood, the Generals defense lead by Charlie Johnson, Lucas Christensen, Quinn Warwick, Braden Tuttle and Teddy Bednar were able to keep the Crushers from converting the extra point.  The Generals scored on a Jackson Wolfram touchdown run, with Johnson converting the extra point.  The Generals had great blocking from Colin Mulshine, Zane Nye, Drew Athan and Oliver Kennon.


The Crusher defense kept a hard charging Generals squad off the scoreboard in regulation thanks in part to a big goal line stop in first half on the 1-yard line as Crushers Sebastian Bejarano, Miles Walker, Ansh Ahuja and James Schmidt plugged the holes.  Alex Hazlett had the sole Crusher touchdown with an acrobatic ,leaping catch in the back of the end zone. Danny Lauter led the team with several crisp and accurate short and long passes on the day.  Cornerbacks Ashton Winegardener and David Faugno made multiple big stops on the edges through the whole game.



GYFL Week 8 (and Bantam playoffs)


Bantam Playoffs Round 1


Gators 32 Crushers 13


The Gators had major contributions on both sides of the ball from Jayden Zych, Skylar Stephens, Connor Wolfe, Michael Phillips, and James Adorney. Offensively Zych, Maximus Gabelli, Jack Carroll, and Matty Colella all reached the end zone behind tremendous blocking by Drew Lane, James Walker, and Dan McGuire. Topher Martinelli added a thrilling extra point on a beautiful pitch and catch in the back of the end zone to close out the scoring. Defensively Travis Wilson, Gabelli, Carroll Guy Germaine, and Maxwell Colella contained the strong Crusher ground game all morning. Harrison Castelli offered some big stops from his linebacker position to help stop some great Crusher drives.


The Crushers scored their first touchdown when back Aidan Brehm ran a beautifully executed sweep left for 11-yards behind the blocking of Andrew Ohls, Sam Barsanti, Colin Falla and Gabe Dunleavy.  QB Brad Wallace got the next score on a gritty 60-yard drive led by a 29-yard run by Nolan Cracraft and a 26 yard sweep by Nick D’Andrea. Wallace finished it with a 1-yard push up the middle and Santiago Parra got the extra point.  Nicholas Nostro had 32-yards on the day including a 6-yard catch. On defense Tommy Powers caused a fumble with a big hit on a Gators back. Coby Citron had a big day with 5 tackles including one that stopped a touchdown. Kyle Bassalik had 4 and Shane O’Connor 3.  Wim McCarthy, Luke Tocci, Vincent Smario, James Mora and Richie McMurray also made several tackles each.  


Bulldogs 13 Raiders 6


The Bulldogs scored the first touchdown with a powerful 40-yard run by Max Loffredo behind his strong offensive line consisting of Jack Corriveau, Josh Jacob, MJ D'angelo, David Pastore, Andrew Tweddle and Peter Vomvolakis. During the third quarter the Bulldogs scored the winning touchdown led by Connor Desalvo's 6 yard run and successful point after conversion. While the Raiders were threatening to score and tie the game, Mickey Minyo of the Bulldogs intercepted a Raider pass to seal the victory. The defense was led by strong performances by Danny Coffey, Max Marek, Will Kruper, Mathew Ward and Lucas Eveno. Peter Vomvolakis' stalwart performance on defense included two forced fumbles and five tackles behind the line of scrimmage.


With the final game of the season, the BANC Bantams entered the field with their motto of One Team One Family in both mind and spirit.  From the beginning of the season to the last play of the last game, the team showed grit, determination and most importantly a true sense of brotherhood (and sisterhood!). With a very young team and many having played football for the first time, this team performed like a seasoned group of veteran players.  All players knew their assignments and learned how to work together towards a shared goal. Moreover, they have developed lasting friendships through this experience that will broaden their horizons and potentially make their world bigger than it otherwise would have been. Many thanks to our fearless opponents throughout the season who share this experience and the love of football with us.  






Gators 27 Generals 6


The Gators benefitted from strong blocking from its offensive line that included Chase Smith, Peter Lane and Liam Brown.  On the first series, the Gators scored as  Dillon Stephens ran off tackle behind blocks from Sam Manos and Ryan Beiley.  They struck again when Miles Moore caught a swing pass and took it the length of the field for a score.  Then Tyler Cusimano found Carter Paulson who made a great catch in the corner of the end zone for 2 points.  Right before half, Cusimano used some shifty moves running behind Miles Trager and Owen Hoffman for a 60-yard score.  Paulson converted the extra point with a fingertip catch in the end zone.  The last score came on another long run by Moore who broke free on the left side behind Lane and Brown.  On defense, the Gators were led by Robbie Perlman, Stephens and Cusimano who did a good job of shutting down the rushing attack.  Stephens had the play of the game on a big fourth when he made a key stop at the 1-yard line.  Other defensive standouts included Dylan Germain, Reed Eddy, Austin Rinello and Murph Watner.


The Generals offense had good blocking from Tim Elder, Sammy Cohen, Liam Reynolds and Ben Yu.  Chris Smoller and Alexi Gianopoulos caught passes from Ilan Amaro and Emmitt Graham and Grant Schmidt ran well inside.  The Generals defense had contributions from Charlie Allard, Jackson Fels, Brian Murphy, George Fugelsang and Ryan Brown.  


Crushers 20 Bulldogs 7


The Crusher offensive line put on a dominate performance in Sunday's win over the Bulldogs as the Crushers rushed for 223 yards behind blocking by Wyatt Recchia, Drew Falla, Jake Romanello, Teddy Flinn, Jake Kiernan and Sebastian Parra. Jake Prieto led the way with 110-yards and two touchdowns.  Dominic DeLuca had 36 tough yards, an extra point and the final Crusher score, which was set up by Jurgis Schmedlen's 16-yard run to the Bulldog one yard line. Jimmy Flinn led the team in carries and totaled 45-yards. DeLuca led the Crusher defense with six tackles, while Jake Kiernan had five and Teddy Flinn had four, including two for in the Bulldog backfield.  Christopher Nostro and Michael Moeller also contributed on defense.




Mavericks 12 Raiders 0

For the fourth time this season the black and gold shutout an opponent as the defense was lead by Jack Konigsberg, Carl Griffasi, EJ Perez, Anthony Pedicano, James Wailgum, Antonio Ciccarelli, Jip Clarke, Gavyn Generalli and Antonio Ortiz. Also contributing tackles were Cooper Edwards, John Gatherer, Henry Goldberg, AJ Pisacano and JB Meier. Jip Clarke had an interception near the end of the first half.

On offense, Cooper Edwards collected a short pass from James Wailgum and ran a long way for a touchdown. Late in the fourth quarter Wailgum put the game out of reach with a big touchdown run. Offensive blocking was lead by Andrew Stickel, Leart Deduschi, Michael Truini, Riley Redahan, Christopher Munoz, Timmy Powers, Rocco Grillo, Robert Burton and JP D’Inverno. Ryan Hammoud and Wyatt Stratton also added some strong rushing.


The BANC Raider offense worked hard to establish some ground with blocking from Marco Mantione, Tyler Senft, Andres Castellanos, James Kovac, and Steven Neri.   Some strong running from Ryan Perez and a poised passing attack from Jack Wilson unfortunately turned up short.   Defensively the Raiders had great tackles from Zyian Cooper, Roman Pennella, Bryan Pinheiro, Alex Flook, and Archer Manning.  The solid defensive performance was highlighted by a stellar interception from Connor Jones.  




Gators 25 Generals 14


The Gators quickly responded to a Generals score with QB Jack Zola hitting AJ Barber on a short pass that resulted in a 50-yard touchdown.  The offensive line comprised of Tommy O'Connor, Tyler Wilson, Smitty Connor and Josh Grijalba dominated the line of scrimmage the entire game allowing Zola enough time to hook up with Barber again on two 75-yard touchdown passes. Zola also ran one for 58-yards at the start of the fourth quarter to put the Gators on top for good. On the defensive side of the ball, the Gators' line had great penetration all game. Chason Barber, Flynn Milledge, George Papanicolou all contributed to the defensive effort.  Jay Woo Kook had two blocked passes and one caused an interception by Thomas Bausman. Jack Turkeltaub and Luke Lombardo also forced fumbles and one was recovered by Smitty Connor.




Crushers 25 Bulldogs 20


    In an exciting back  and forth game the Crushers came out on top thanks to the outstanding play of David Faugno, Danny Lauter, and Vincent Ceci on both sides of the ball. QB Lauter got the first score with a short 1-yard push after backs Alex Hazlett and Ceci combined for 53-yards behind the powerful blocking of Bobby Grudzinski, Robbie Cardini, Miles Walker, James Schmidt, Louis Ceci and Ashton Winegardner. The next touchdown came when Vincent Malagisi and Anthony Nostro gave Lauter enough time to fire off a 22-yard pass to Faugno who made a great adjustment to pull it down and run it in for the score. The next drive saw Matt Santos, Ryan Marsh and Joe Hanson set up nice blocks for a 69-yard drive and touchdown.  The Crushers sealed the game with another Lauter-Faugno connection of 26 yards, with Hazlett getting the score.  On defense, Rick Kral, Riley Kiernan and Will Knight made nice stops. The Crushers finally ended the Bulldogs hopes when Faugno intercepted a North Mianus pass to end the game.


The Bulldogs produced good hard running by Will Montesi behind stout blocking by Michael Sinisi, TJ Abbazia, Nate Trgni, Adam Bartholomew, and Sam Chard to punch in a run for a touchdown.  Auggie Bancroft connected on a quick out pass to hack Kruper for the conversion and the Bulldogs lead. The Bulldogs mixed things up to start the second half with Johnny Doyle throwing darts all over the field to spur a deep drive into Crushers territory.  Bancroft finally scampered in for the score behind lead block by Montesi and Rozmus.  Montesi ground in the conversion for a 14-13 Bulldog lead.  Down 19-14 and with time getting tight the Bulldogs marched 70 yards for an eventual Montesi 17 yard jaunt to hit paydirt and the lead again before eventually falling behind. On defense Abbazia got a QB sack and Thomas Foster and Casey Rozmus made key tackles.


Mavericks 26 Raiders 0

    The Mavericks opened the scoring in the first quarter on a 25-yard touchdown by Kobe Comizio. Comizio added a 45-yard touchdown run in the second quarter. The Mavericks went into the half time leading 18-0 after a  39-yard touchdown pass from Cage Lasley to Jeffrey Matthews. Strong blocking up front was provided by Jay Ashforth, Luke Berman, Pete Bria, Bo Faughnan, Michael Lindbergh and Sam Hall. The Mavericks closed out the game with some strong running by Steve Sudell and a 15-yard touchdown run by Nicolson Bosile. Jack Cook added the point after.

Raiders Captain Sena Honzawa once again showed his talents on offense and defense along with backJustin Mejia’s running game. The Raider offense led by QB Mason Muir remained focused, however was challenged by a solid Maverick defense. Michael McGhee showed his range on defense starting at corner back as well as contributing at his usual spot at fullback. A host of Raider players contributed well on both offense and defense including Dylan Maloney, Louis Koletas, Maurizio Arango, Tyler Bacco, David Mariscal and Patrick Caruso.









Bulldogs 21 Mavericks 12


The Bulldogs offense made a statement in their opening drive led by the offensive line of Peter Vomvolakis, Andrew Tweddle, Enzo Vartuli, Josh Jacob, David Pastore Jack Corriveau and Will Kruper, as they pushed the Mavericks defense, allowing Mathew Ward, Connor Desalvo, Danny Coffey, and Max Loffredo to gain positive running yards. On the one yard line, the Bulldogs opened the scoring with a Max Marek power run. In the second quarter the Bulldog offense scored again on Marek’s second and third touchdown run. Also in the second quarter, Vomvolakis capped off his epic defensive performance against the Mavericks by tackling the Maverick quarterback in the end zone for a safety.  The stingy defense was led by Michael J. D’Angelo, Kenny Iwabuchi and Mikey Minyo, as they limited the high scoring Maverick offense to 12 points. The defense put constant pressure on the Mavericks’ quarterback and running backs in their backfield. Strong contributions were also made in the victory by Lucas Eveno, Zac Sardone, Koki Fulikawa and Logan Jaycox.



Generals 20 Gators 0


The Generals earned their way into the Championship game with balanced play on both offense and defense as Joe Lewis received his first touchdown as a General and added some great drive sustaining runs throughout the game. The Generals offense was aided by a few quality scores provided by Fred Wnek and Quarterback Charlie Tortorella.  Up front action was anchored by solid blocking by Henry Johnson, Jack Jedlicka, Rocket Servick, Will Fels, Jackson Steele and Daniel Manos.  On defense, a host of players contributed to the Generals stingy effort on the day.  Consistent pressure on the line was provided by Matty Goldman, Matthew Huang, Henry Johnson while Elle Price, Hugh Portny, and Owen Lavin provided excellent run support on the day.  The Generals also benefitted from a drive stalling interception provided by Will Fels.  


Offensively the Gators were led by strong blocking from Drew Lane , Adorian Campbell, and Connor Wolfe. Guy Germaine played well from his quarterback position moving the ball well on the day. Matty Colella had a few nice runs that resulted in Gator first downs. Defensively, Jack Carroll, Max Gabelli, Travis Wilson, Dan McGuire, Harrison Castelli, Skylar Stephens, James Walker, and Max Collela all put in strong efforts. In the end the Generals made too many plays for the Gators to overcome.Ending an amazing season for the Gators.




Generals 14 Gators 13 OT


In an exciting and dramatic game that went into overtime, the Generals’ Tomas Delgado led the charge on the day with two touchdowns and both extra points, including the score in overtime on 4th and 1!  The Generals received great blocking all day from Reed Williams, Peyton Aslansan, Gus Wnek, Jake Pobjoy and Liam Reynolds. Defensively, the General Cal Cunnion and Jackson Price each forced a fumble, with Zacrary Carifa and Wyatt Gibson making the recoveries.  Jackson Fels, Jake Carifa, Reed Williams and Jake Pobjoy all recorded sacks on the day.    


With the game scoreless in the first half, Tyler Cusimano got things rolling when he turned a right sweep into an 80-yard touchdown to tie the score.  The play was made possible by a thunderous block delivered by Dillon Stephens.  Stephens than willed himself into the endzone on an off tackle run for the extra point.  With time running out, a late 4th quarter drive with strong runs by Miles Moore, Cusimano and Stephens behind solid blocking from Carter Paulson, Chase Smith, Will Schmitz and Liam Brown almost got the Gators the lead.  In overtime, the Gators had the ball first and scored on their second play when Cusimano used his speed and some shifty moves to get to the outside.  Miles Trager’s downfield blocking played a big role in the touchdown.  The Gators missed the extra point which proved to be the difference in the game.  The defense played strong throughout the contest creating a turnover late in the game and numerous other big plays, led by Robbie Perlman, Dylan Germain, Stephens, Trager and Cusimano.   



Crushers 6 Mavericks 0


    The Crusher defense held a powerful Mavs offense scoreless to push their way into the Championship as Wyatt Recchia had a huge day with 7 tackles, John Scarlata had 6, including two critical solo stops, Dominic DeLuca 5, Chris Takita 4 and Jake Kiernan 2. The line, anchored by Mike Moeller, didn’t allow a Mavs first down in the first half. Sebastian Parra and Tucker Williams both recorded sacks. Christopher Nostro's solo tackle on a Mav’s breakaway run stopped what would have been a game-tying touchdown, while Jake Romanello broke up a pass on fourth down to end the Mavs Championship hopes. On offense, linemen Drew Falla, Teddy Flinn, Xander Tommasino, Brendan Davey, Alexander Ohls, Luke Barber, and George Minchin stood strong on the scoring drive, opening up holes for backs Jurgis Schmedlen, Jake Prieto and DeLuca who got the score. Other plays of note were QB Ryan McBreairty’s 18-yard pass to DeLuca and blocking by Kaine Rama, Louis Chaves, Kaleb Solomon and David Chidu to open holes for backs Jimmy Flinn and Dylan Brehm.


The Mavericks put on a gutsy defensive performance holding the Crushers to just one touchdown behind outstanding tackles by Carl Griffasi, Jack Konigsberg, James Wailgum, AJ Pisacano, John Gatherer, Anthony Pedicano, Ryan Hammoud, Antonio Ortiz, Riley Redahan, Cooper Edwards, Antonio Ciccarelli and Henry Goldberg.  Anthony Pedicano and Carl Griffasi caused two fumbles which were both recovered by EJ Perez. Also adding tackles were Leart Deduschi, JP D’Inverno and Gavyn Generalli. On offense the blocking was lead by Andrew Stickel, Christopher Munoz, Timmy Powers, JB Meier, Wyatt Stratton, Robert Burton, Rocco Grillo and Michael Truini. The rushing attack was lead by James Wailgum, John Gatherer, Jip Clarke, Ryan Hammoud and Anthony Pedicano. The Mavericks won the coin toss with the help of injured center Sean Cowie who missed the season.






Generals 14 Crushers 0


In a hard fought playoff game the Generals offense had strong performances from Charlie Johnson, Braden Tuttle, Michael Neviera and Sebbi Lopez.   The Generals defense had their best game of the season so far and was led by strong performances from Colin Mulshine, Zane Nye, Lucas Christensen, Oliver Kennon, Tommy Harford and Drew Athan.  


    The Crusher defense held the powerful Generals to just 7 points each half as James Schmidt had a big day with 8 tackles and a sack, Reed Signer had 6, Miles Walker 5, Vincent Ceci 4, David Faugno 4, including stopping a sure touchdown and Ansh Ahuja had 3. Danny Lauter recovered a fumble thanks to a thundering Jake Shreders hit on a Generals back, while Rick Kral registered a 4-yard loss for the Generals with a big hit in the backfield on a reverse. Drew Kral, Ashton Winegardner, Sebastian Bejarano, Riley Kiernan, and Marcus Amine also made several stops. On offense, Ceci had some strong runs and a catch for 20 yards thanks to big blocks up front by Bobby Grudzinski, Robbie Cardini, Will Knight, Ryan Marsh, Cliff Belknap and Louis Ceci. Backs Alex Hazlett and Anthony Nostro also pounded out yardage behind blocking by Ted Ohls, Will Hollander, Matt Santos, and Joe Hanson against a tough Generals team.


Mavericks 45 Gators 20


The Mavericks opened the scoring in the first quarter on a 32-yard touchdown pass from Cage Lasley to Jeffrey Matthews. On the next possession, Jack Cook ran it in for a 20-yard touchdown. After the Mavericks defense held the Gators on a fourth and inches at midfield, Kobe Comizio connected with Hugo Mark on a 55 yard touchdown pass, Mark’s first of five touchdowns on the day. The Mavericks lead moved to 25 – 6 in the third quarter on a 40 yard Comizio touchdown run. Mark went on to have touchdown runs of 10 yards, 8 yards and 60 yards. Strong blocking up front was provided by Nolan Morris, George Hill, Michael Lindbergh, Sam Hall, Bo Faughnan and Aidan Redihan. Cook and Lasley had interceptions on defense.


Despite the loss, the second year senior Gators finished their GYFL careers as winners as QB Jack Zola threw a 30-yard touchdown to tight end AJ Barber and James Rinello threw for two touchdowns to Barber and Zola.  The defensive line which included Sean Duffy, Julius Engelen, and George Papanicolaou slowed down the Mavs running game while Matt Sisca, Griff Carey, Matthew Thomas, Thomas Bausman and Walt Scott had strong performances in the secondary. The Gators wish the graduating seniors continued success in their football careers and looked forward to all returning and new players next season.