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Greenwich Youth Football League

Policies and Procedures




The GYFL (“League”) will include teams from the Town of Greenwich. The Member Organizations are as follows; Putnam Generals, BANC Raiders, Cos Cob Crushers, Glenville Mavericks, North Mianus Bulldogs and Riverside Gators.



The objectives of the GYFL are:


A.  To provide an opportunity to play Football to the youth of Greenwich without regard to race, creed, color, national origin or gender.

B.  To promote passion for the game of Football and encourage mutual respect between players, coaches and parents of all organizations and to implant the ideals of good sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty, and citizenship.

C.  To assure appropriate supervision by individuals who are dedicated to youth and their best interests.

D.   To provide a safe organized learning experience while teaching the fundamentals of Football





To appoint up to 3 of its Board Members to reside on the GYFL Board of Directors and to attend and participate in all Board meetings. Members must attend a minimum of 50% of all Board meetings during the course of the year. Any member that does not attend 50% of the Board meetings will lose voting privileges and the position will be considered vacant.

To ensure that all of their participating players, parents, and coaches understand fully and sign a GYFL Code of Conduct Form. These forms must be held for 1 year.

To pay all GYFL fees when due.



Field Setup is the responsibility of the Home team

Home Teams will take the following sidelines

Cardinal Stadium        Press Box Side

GHS Field #6              Softball Field Side

GHS Field #7              Bleacher/Fence Side


Home teams will be determined by the GYFL President when he sets the schedule prior to the season. During the playoffs the higher seeded team will be considered the Home Team.

After each game the Visiting Team will ensure that its sidelines is clean. The Home Team will ensure that their sideline is clean as well as be responsible for all storing equipment.

Home Teams will provide 2 assistants for the sideline Chain Gang. One will be assigned to the chains and one to the Down Marker. Where possible the Chain Gang will be stationed on the Visiting Teams sideline.

Away Team will provide 1 assistant for the sideline Chain Gang to assist with the chains.




Head Coaches are responsible for helping to enforce GYFL Codes of Conduct for Coaches, Parents, and Participants and are responsible for fan control and deportment. Head Coaches should also help to ensure that there are no spectators or parents on the sidelines. The only people on the field should be coaches, players, organizational officials and cheerleaders.  The Head Coach should also make certain there is no food on the sidelines and only water is permitted.

Must know and follow GYFL Rules and Regulations and Policies and Procedures.



Knowing and Enforcing GYFL Rules and Regulations.

Game Play and Crowd Control



Only NOCSAE Certified and properly reconditioned helmets may be worn.

All Players must wear a colored mouthguard while the ball is in play. Violations will result in a 5 yard penalty.

Cleats must have a molded bottom. No detachable Cleats are permitted.

All Equipment/pads must meet scholastic guidelines.


Football Type/Size

Bantam – Pee Wee

Junior – Junior

Senior – Youth




GYFL Weight and Age Eligibility by Division


Bantam – At least 8 years old and not older than 9 on August 31

Junior – At least 10 years old and not older than 11 on August 31

Senior – At least 12 years old and not older than 13 on August 31

14 year olds may play in the Senior division if they are in the 8th grade but only in “Limited Positions”. On Offense, a 14-year-old player must play center guard or tackle. On defense a 14-year-old player must play the defensive line. No player beyond 8th Grade regardless of age may play.



There are no maximum or minimum weights to play in the GYFL.

Only players below the “Unlimited Weights” for each division may play “Unlimited Positions”. Unlimited Positions are Offensive and Defensive Backs, Offensive and Defensive Ends/Receivers and Linebackers. The Unlimited Weights for each division are:

Bantam – 95lbs

Junior – 115lbs

Senior – 145lbs

Players in each division who are above these weights are considered “Limited Players” and may only play in “Limited Positions”. Limited Positions are Offensive and Defensive Guard, Offensive and Defensive Tackle and Offensive Center.




<>  A waiver request for a player to stay down or move up:


A. Request in writing by Parent explaining why child should play up or down.

B. Board will review letter and circumstance, request additional info if needed, and upon receipt of further info, take a vote (majority w/Quorum) and make a decision.

C. Decision is Final

D. Board can only make exception for that season.  Following year player returns to age appropriate level, unless a separate application is filed.  Then process repeats.

E. If a player is playing down and it becomes apparent the player should return to their age level board can reconsider and has the option of returning player to his age level at any point in the season

F. Organization President can ask Board to reconsider any waiver for any organization at any time

G. Board will consider several factors including, but not limited to, Physical size, Maturity, Yrs. of experience, prior year’s performance.

H. Any player receiving a waiver may participate only in limited positions as described by our P&P (i.e. - interior lineman positions only)

I. Parent/s must sign a Waiver Request Form



The Head Coach must ensure that each player on his team and all opposing players meet the age and weight requirements. The Head Coach must verify that a parent or guardian release form and a physical examination certifying a medical doctor’s approval for a player to play football are on file. The physical examination should be within the last year and preferably since March 1 of the current year. Pre game weigh-ins are mandatory and should be conducted as follows:

Each team is weighed in the presence of a GYFL Board Member and a representative from the opposing team no later than 15 minutes prior to kickoff. Rosters listing the Player’s name, weight and limited or unlimited status must be exchanged between teams.

Players must weigh in wearing game uniform/equipment excluding helmet and shoulder pads but including hip, thigh, tail, knee pads and cleats. Players must then play in the same equipment they were wearing during weigh in.

Each Player may weigh in only once.

Weigh-ins will occur for all games including Playoff Games and the Round Robin.



Players are to be allocated by the President and of the GYFL and one representative of each Member Organization at a meeting after new player registrations have occurred. Team sizes will be determined by the GYFL Board. Allocation of players will take in to consideration the following factors:

Need to balance team sizes on each team at each level

Siblings of players and relation to coaches

Distance from respective practice fields

Commonality among schools attended by players

Other priorities as set by the GYFL Board


After allocation the President of each organization will be notified as to what players have been assigned to them. After that date Players may only be added to rosters by the GYFL President.

Rosters shall be submitted to the GYFL President prior to the Round Robin scrimmage and shall include name, address, phone number, jersey number, date of birth, division and estimated weight. Team rosters submitted at the Round Robin will be considered final.




A play is defined as an Offensive, Defensive or Special Teams play with live action. Any “Dead Ball” plays are not considered a play for the mandatory play rule. Plays that have a penalty called will be considered live if the penalty was called after the snap regardless if the penalty is accepted or declined. A penalty called before the snap is not a live play.

All players will be required to play a minimum of:

Bantams:         19 players or less -        15 Plays

   25 players or less -        12 Plays

                        26 players or more -       10 Plays


Juniors:            19 players or less -        15 plays

   25 players or less -        12 Plays

                         26 players or more -      10 Plays


Seniors:           19 players or less -        15 Plays

   25 players or less -        12 Plays

                        26 players or more -       10 Plays

The roster size for the play count is based on the number of players who weigh-in and are expected to play their minimum number of plays in that particular game.  If a coach intends to holdout players from their minimum number of plays due to injury or disciplinary reasons, those players must be identified at the time the weigh in.     

Each team is responsible for adherence to the Minimum Play Rule and must designate a play count monitor that accurately documents that each player participated in the required number of plays during the game.  Each play team to provide 2 play counters, one for each sideline. 

At half time and at the end of the 3rd quarter all play counters will meet at the 50 yard line.  If at this time it is determined that a player or players have not met their minimum play requirement, that player or players must start and play the 4th quarter until their minimum play requirement is met.

Play count sheets will be sent to the GYFL President after every game.

Exceptions to the minimum play rule for disciplinary or other matters must be identified prior to the game and identified on the roster supplied to the other team during weigh in.

If a game is played and a player did not receive their plays the Head Coach must inform the President of their organization and the President of the organization must notify the GYFL President within 48 hours after the conclusion of the game.

If it is determined that a player did not receive their plays then the following policy is in place to penalize the Head Coach of the offending team. The league’s Coaches Conduct Committee, in consultation with the Board will determine if an offending infraction occurred and suggested penalties are below.

First time         Warning

Second time    2 game suspensions

Third time       10 game suspensions



If at any time a team has at least a 13 point lead in a regular season game or at least a 17 point lead in the playoffs the opposing coach may elect to remove up to 3 players from the leading teams offense. Subsequently, If the scoring differential falls below these levels than those players may return. The players to be removed should be made known to their coach as well as to the referees as soon as possible to allow the coaching staff to plan substitutions and not delay play. Players that have been removed may not participate on a live punt return (Senior and Junior Division) or be involved in a live offensive extra point attempt (All Divisions).



Member Organizations should ensure that EMT or Emergency Medical Services personnel are present at their fields during every game. The EMT must have radio access to ambulance service.

Coaches are to fully cooperate with the EMT recognizing that any injury should be considered serious. The coach should attend to any player where an injury is suspected and consult with the referee. Assistance from the EMT should be requested if any injury is suspected. As soon as the EMT arrives, the EMT will be responsible for the disposition of the injured player.

Players will not be allowed to play or practice with a hard cast, splint or any other device or equipment that increases their ability to injure themselves or another player. Any injury that keeps a player out of a game or practice because of a doctor visit/restriction will require the written release of a doctor to accompany the player’s return.




The start of pre season practice will be determined by the GYFL Board.

Prior to Labor Day team practice may not exceed 10 hours per week or more than two and a half hours a day. A week is defined as 7 consecutive days.

After Labor Day team practice is limited to 6 hours per week and 2 hours per day.

The first week of practice is for conditioning only and no pads or contact is permitted.

Players must complete a minimum of 3 hours of conditioning practice prior to participating in contact.



At the conclusion of the season there will be a 4 team playoff in the Junior and Senior division to determine a league champion.

The 4 teams will be determined and seeded by win loss percentage.

In the event of a tie the following tie breakers will be used in the following order (in the case of more than two teams being tied, the steps should be followed by forming a “mini league” of those teams)

Head to Head record during the regular season

Winning percentage versus common opponents

Strength of schedule, in terms of winning percentage of common opponents

If still tied a coin flip will be conducted by the GYFL President with a representative of each organization involved in attendance.

If there is a tie among playoff teams that needs to be broken to determine seeding the above tie breakers will be utilized. If more than 2 teams are involved. Once a team is eliminated, the tie breaking sequence will start all over again for the remaining teams.

The 4 teams will be seeded #1 through #4 with #1 hosting #4 and #2 hosting #3. Winners of the semifinal games will then face each other in the Championship game with the highest remaining seed being the home team.

At the Bantam level all 6 teams will make the Playoffs. Teams #1 and #2 will receive a bye with #3 playing #6 and #4 playing #5. For the following week the teams will be reseeded as per the above and continue.

Field assignments for postseason games will be determined by the GYFL President.