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Our Six Organizations


North Mianus Bulldogs

In 2002 the North Mianus Bulldogs organization was established to resurrect the storied North Mianus football tradition that began decades earlier as the North Mianus Cowboys/Indians and counts among its alumni NFL Hall of Famer Steve Young as well as many of the Bulldogs’ current coaches and parents of the players and cheerleaders.
The Bulldogs organization is committed to creating an environment that fosters teamwork and allows our players and cheerleaders to grow athletically and personally while emphasizing their safety and enjoyment.

Chris Sardone - President
Rich D'Andrea - Vice President

Dave Walko Vice President
Lisa McGrath - Treasurer
Dizy Fox - Secretary

Board Members
Joe Lodato - Legal Council
Peter Carino - Coaches Rep
Jim Loughran - Game Day Operations

Elaine Marrero - Head of Cheerleading

Cos Cob Crushers

Over 45 years ago the Cos Cob Crusher organization was formed as the St. Lawrence Giants in 1968.
The Crushers organization main goal is to teach the players the game of football and to become better football players, while instilling a hard work ethic, good sportsmanship, and discipline. Player safety is a top priority within the organization. At the same time the players will be learning valuable life lessons as well as becoming the best player that they can become. 

Pat Bria  - President
Mitzi Ceci - Admin/Treasurer

Cindy Kral - Treasurer
Yvelisse Kiernan  - Secretary


Board Members
Tesh Durvasula
Michele Hayes

Tom Milucci

Charlie Piro
Bob Walker 






During Fall 2006, the GYFL recognized the need to add an additional football team to accommodate the growing number of boys on its' wait list.  In August 2007, the Riverside Gators began its 1st year in the GYFL.
The Gator Organization aspires is to provide a fun and safe learning environment for your child.  Our emphasis is on teamwork, commitment and perseverance.  The Riverside Gators is committed to providing positive communication & instruction that will not only teach your child the game of football, but also develop and build your child's confidence and talent.  Equally important, we will cultivate a setting that allows each player to participate and have fun.
The expectation for our players is simple:  Commitment and Hard Work.
Tom Wilson  - President
Vinny Pastore  - Vice President
Steve Cusimano - Treasurer
Cregg Watner - Secretary

Board Members
Andreas Grijalba
Tim Hanna
Lois Kelly
Sally Jorgensen



The Putnam Generals Football Team began over 30 years ago known originally as the Binney Bears.  
Later, they joined the OGRCC. In the 1990's, the Binney Bears became the Putnam Generals.
Each player is required to give a firm commitment to his or her team and teammates. The Generals organization prides themselves on teaching the game of football with emphasis on teamwork, dedication, sportsmanship, competition, independence, confidence, time management and respect.
Our players are well coached and well cared for. 

Mike Jedlica - President

Susan Williams - Treasurer
Ali Fels  - Secretary
Board Members
Kaan Aslansan
Fred Christensen
Jordan Capitanio
Rob Guerrieri
Scott Harrington
Todd Trimmer
Vinny Tortorella
Tyler Wolfram 

Glenville Mavericks

Since 1967, the Glenville Mavericks have been an integral part of the town of Greenwich. Our founder, George Barradas, dedicated thirty three years to serving the Glenville and surrounding communities. His philosophy was to accept any child who wanted to learn the game of football and then teach that child the fundamentals of the game. Many years later, along with multiple generations of players, cheerleaders and coaches, the Mavericks live on.
The Maverick teams are made up of kids mainly from western and central Greenwich. Our philosophy is to teach the fundamentals of the game of football while instilling the concepts of sportsmanship, values, teamwork, respect, dedication, commitment, responsibility, achievement and improvement.
Every child who participates in our program is required to make a full commitment to their team and their teammates, with three practices per week along with Sunday games. While the commitment we require is substantial, so are the benefits of being a Maverick.

Rusty Warren - President
George Cole- Treasurer

Roe Lefflbine-Secretary


Board Members

Steve Bozzuto
Brian Downs
Gina Furano 
Dan Jurkowitz
Rick Margenot, Esq.
Steve Ribushofski

Luis Santana
Frank Sarcone



The BANC Raiders can trace their roots back to the “Red Devils” teams of the 1960’s, when Felix Guiffra Sr., Ralph Arnone and others organized the youth tackle football program in the Byram section of Greenwich. Subsequent BANC leaders have included Joe Vancho, George Finn and Harry Catanzaro.
The BANC logo is the pirate flag (similar to the Tampa Bay Buckaneers’ logo) and the team colors are red and black. The name BANC comes from the first letters of the Byram Archibald Neighborhood Center, a facility on Delavan Avenue which provides after school educational and social programs, sports programs and summer camps for neighborhood children.
The BANC program is founded on sportsmanship, teamwork, respect and hard work, and each player is required to give a full commitment to his teammates.

Rob Spaeth -      President
Jeff Wilson  -      Vice-President
Bob Wilson -      Treasurer

Erin Senft    -      Secretary

Board Members
Mary Aceituno 
Suzy Jones
Kim Judge
Keren Jozwiak